Veg Box News 28.10.13

The British always talk about the weather and looking at the news this week, that has been all the news has seemed to be about! Everywhere it has been about the doom of storms. Thankfully we escaped the worst of it. It was good to see a couple of stories highlighting the good that comes from being outdoors and how much benefit it is for children to be playing in the park being allowed to explore nature. It appears that gardening, whether you are old or young, gives benefits for both physical and mental health. Obviously we know this already and is part of our raison d’etre. Grow food, eat food, stay healthy.

In this weeks box we have again the delicious Marfona spuds; I’ve tried roasting, boiling, mashing and making hash browns and they have been great for them all, Lincolnshire grown too. Excellent. The unusual item this week is our own home grown Fennel. Its use goes back a long way, I even read that it is one of the nine plants invoked in the¬†pagan Anglo-Saxon¬†Nine Herbs Charm, recorded in the 10th century! (See Wikipedia). It has a range of culinary and medicinal uses and is reportedly good for digestive disorders and the eyes.

On the land this week we have been busy removing the last of the tomato plants and now have quite a few kilo of green tomatoes left. We will probably be able to give you one last flush of toms before we totally move to the winter veg. We have also harvested our butternut squashes, there is a recipe on our website for squash soup.

I think we have sold all but one of the pumpkins and we had a winner for the guess the weight of the massive pumpkin competition. We still do have a few plants for sale and Kylie has been busy making up some beautiful house plant baskets. Ask on the van to see them or have a look at our facebook.

Thanks to those customers that have placed regular orders for eggs. It really helps for our sustainability and again you can be happy that you are supporting not only us, but also a small local farm. You are being the change most people want to see!

We had our first Christmas enquiry today!… and yes we will be supplying a special Christmas Dinner box….. details to follow Early November.


Don’t forget we sell FREE RANGE Eggs from Chickens NOT fed on GM soya. Most other non organic eggs will be from GM fed chickens.