Veg Box News 27.08.13

So the Kale last week was a resounding success; mine kept well all weekend in the fridge and ate some on Friday with lemon juice and then had some more with a stir fry on Monday. Delicious both ways.

 In the box this week you will find sweetcorn, English grown and guaranteed not from GMO seed. We have grown some ourselves not enough for all the boxes. Personally I love sweetcorn, hope you enjoy them as much as I do. We also have included red onions for a change and sorry if you were expecting carrots but again not enough ready for all the boxes, you will; get them next week.

 On site this week we have had to deal with a break in. It happened over the bank holiday. They smashed a window and door, stole some keys, including all the van keys and also a camera and a small amount of change. They did try to get into the safe and just succeeded in breaking the electronic key pad. The most annoying thing is the van keys, as this will mean we have to spend £200 on the excess fee and we are without our vans for most of the week. If you got your box late this week, you now know why. On the bright side we have really had some of our customers pulling together to help; one young couple came on site,during their holidays, to help tidy up and we have had 2 kind offers of donations to pay towards the excess fee. As we said to them, we feel we can’t take your money, the best way to help is to keep ordering veg boxes and stuff from our shop. We really have a desire to survive through our own endeavours and service. Please spread the word and its particularly useful when people can get neighbours or other people in their street to sign up.

 The Pantry took delivery of a load of interesting new stock including coconut oil and some other super foods and supplements. There is actually too much to even fit on the back of this sheet and we advise you have a look at our website, or even better, pop to site between 9 and 4 Mon to Fri. Thanks for your continued support!

 We work with Specialist Health Promotion and they are running a cookery session, Wednesday 18th

September. Participants can take part in a practical cookery demonstration and eat the fruits of their labour in a session held at Second Avenue Resource Centre with Vicki Hall. For more information please contact: Steven Markham (01472) 326241


Don’t forget we sell FREE RANGE Eggs from Chickens NOT fed on GM soya. Most other non organic eggs will be from GM fed chickens.