Veg Box News 27.01.14

So this week is the LAST week for the £5 boxes they go up to £6 next delivery. Amazing how quickly January has gone, did many of you keep to your new years resolutions. We know at least one customer that tried out VEGANUARY and kept to a very healthy vegan diet for a month. Now that is a bit much for a lot of people, but obviously eating lots of veg and less meat is a far healthier way to live.

We hope you enjoy the purple sprouting broccoli, we are currently chatting to a grower over near Epworth who grows organic white sprouting broccoli, fingers crossed we can economically get some of that! The potatoes this week are Victoria and make super roast potatoes. The Caulis are Lincolnshire grown and from Boston this week.

I managed to make the recipe from last week and it was lovely. The pear and celariac really worked well together, I was a bit surprised. I turn this week to a recipe from the Guardian and Hugh FW.

Out on the landscape the dreary wet days make for hard work so we have turned to getting the fruit poly tunnel ready. This year we are planting Guava and have fitted a simple irrigation system using old hose pipes, kindly donated. Inside we have also started propagating some seedlings, peppers, chillies and a few other early starters. Elsewhere we have been conditioning the soil by adding in manure and compost, getting ready for the growing season.

Last week we took delivery of a couple of new ranges of food, don’t for get you can order with your veg box or pop out to the van. Every £1 you spend with us stays in the community longer and help our charitable community work. We have a number of organic, healthy alternative products as well vegan, vegetarian and gluten free foods. We also sell fluoride free toothpaste and environmentally friendly toiletries and cleaning products.

Last week I mentioned that we need to get another 20 customers to meet our targets. I am particularly interested to hear from anyone that thinks their place of work might let us deliver a few boxes as this is a real winner from the point of view of efficiency and reducing food miles.

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Thanks, Sean, Kylie and the Veg box team.