Veg Box News 25.11.13

Its Monday as I start to write this, its cold in the office and I’m wearing thermals. So the winter time is all about staying warm and tidying up. Last week the placement guys did loads of digging and helped clear out the garage of stuff that has been sat there for 3 years, amazing the things we found. As for the digging these guys are like little JCB’s and are doing a stirling job at preparing the ground of the new polytunnel.

Last week I was in Manchester with Carol, the CEO, presenting to the Lottery about this project; they view us as a successful one, so like us to share some of the achievements we have made. We told them about the over 200 customers we have had, the hundreds of volunteer hours donated to the site, the partnership working, the 13 tons of potatoes we get through in a year or the 7 and a half tons of onions or over 800 cabbages. The amount of stuff we have grown and packed and delivered is phenomenal when you add it all up! Next year these amounts will increase too as we grow more and more ourselves, and as we gain a few more customers. Customers who are realising you can get better quality, better priced and fresher veg from local growers and producers, than you can usually find in the supermarkets. You can feel happy that you are already part of the wise crowd that already knows this and supports a great community project. Thanks and well done you!

The long black leafy stuff is Calvero Nero or Black Kale. Don’t forget serve with a squeeze of lemon juice to help your body make best use of the nutrients and to add a really great zing to the flavour.

In veg news this week I have been talking to wholesalers and farmers and the price of some veg has nearly doubled. This is due to flooding abroad which has pushed up the English veg price. Thankfully we have some good farmer contacts and grow some of our own, but this is indicative of things to come. We can’t stress hard enough; Grow some of your own veg! It is easier than you think and you can grow quite a lot in pots and small spaces. We are always happy to give advice and next year we will be running a few workshops and courses.


Don’t forget we sell FREE RANGE Eggs from Chickens NOT fed on GM soya. Most other non organic eggs will be from GM fed chickens.

PPS one of our customers if giving away some chickens, get in touch if you are interested.