Veg Box News 24.06.14


Looking around Grimsby you might have noticed the barrier baskets for the Grimsby In Bloom have been put out to brighten up the town and add a lovely splash of colour. They were filled and tended for by our own fair hands. Also outside the Fisherman’s Arms in Cleethorpes they have some newly filled hanging baskets, again from us. If you would like a hanging basket they can be delivered with your veg box, prices start from £10.

Bill the Botanist came back last week and Identified 111 different species of wild plants, what some gardeners may describe as weeds, but they are an important part of the eco system and we like to give them space to grow along side our crops. It’s all about harmony with nature, working with rather than against. So many of the plants you might miss if they weren’t pointed out. Hopefully he will be back to tell us some more info and perhaps run a short educational talk and walk around the garden.

Talking of educational things the classroom is 90% finished and we have already started to let it out to people needing a meeting room in a lovely environment. We have tea and coffee facilities and soon should have a white board and hopefully a projector. Please do come and have a look.

In your veg box this week, it is a different variety of potato, Maris Bard, Lincolnshire grown. You will also find in the £8 and £10 box the first of the new season peas in the pod. The Rhubarb is our own home grown.

We had some visitors from the council this week looking to see what we do and seeing how we can work together. The council are our landlords and we really need them to understand what good work we do so that we can be included in strategic planning for the area.

We often get asked how people can help us and there are a couple of ways; one is come and sign up to be a volunteer, we need help in the garden, in the offices and as part of the veg box scheme. The other way is just to tell other people about us, to get more customers supporting us by buying our produce and visiting site, making use of this amazing resource and helping it continue to be a centre for environmental sustainability in North East Lincolnshire.

Fresh LARGE FREERANGE eggs from chickens not fed on GMO’s £1.50 for half dozen