Veg Box News 24.03.14

So we had the sudden sharp cold night. It killed a few seedling here and speaking to the veg trade wiped out a load of the English Cauliflowers as the price jumped this week. The fluctuations in price have been a real eye opener to me. As super market consumers you are some what shielded from this because they often force a fixed low price from the farmers. This price fixing often damages the profits of farmers. Sadly it means that you as a consumer don’t benefit when prices are really low which is why we often can beat the supermarkets on their price.

 The sunny days have given us the perfect weather opportunity to recover polytunnel 1 but most of the landscape staff have been off site working on a new wildlife area for Synthomer, planting 900 new trees! We did do all the preparation work however, that took long enough!

 In the veg boxes this week we have given you a different variety of potato; Sagitta, they are a good all rounder, we hope you like the variety. The mixed salad leaves came from our poly-tunnel it includes a selection from land cress, winter purslane, baby beet leaves, lambs lettuce and chard. The recipe for the dressing is really zingy and works well with the leaves. Hopefully you enjoy the Chanterey carrots too for a little change.

 This week we have had a few new work placements come onto site. Sometimes the placements are mandatory work placements from the work agencies; the participants often arrive feeling a bit nervous or grumpy at having to attend. Usually after their 4 weeks with us they are a lot happier and some even keep coming back as they like the project, discover that they like working on the land and realise what good work we do and want to contribute. This attitude is a far cry from the image promoted by the rise of the poverty porn of programs on tv.

In the ten pound boxes this week is some broccoli raab, its an unusual leafy vegetable here is how to deal with it

 Rinse and trim 1/4-inch from bottom of stems.

Cut stalks crosswise into 2-inch pieces and drop them into salted (optional), boiling water.

Cook for 1 to 2 minutes and remove with slotted spoon.

Saute the blanched broccoli raab/rapini in a little olive oil and as much garlic as you like for 3 to 5 minutes until tender. Optional – Add a few dried red pepper flakes.

Thanks for your continued support,

Sean, Kylie and the Veg box team.

PS we have just a few jars of local honey for sale for £4.50. (Not ours but the bees are from just down the road in Bradley)