Veg Box News 22.08.13

The following is and electronic copy of the new letter sent out with the veg boxes

Can I start by apologising for the Calvero Nero! If yours went as yellow and as quickly as mine did then, you either didn’t get chance to use it all or lost it entirely. We bought it from a farm in Lincolnshire and when picked and packed it looked lovely. Sadly I think the warm weather meant that it yellowed really really quickly. It was fine as we packed it but by the time I had my random box unpacked in the kitchen 2 of the leaves had already gone very yellow. We ideally need a cool van for the summer months but I am sure you appreciate as a small community enterprise we can’t afford such extravagances. Having said that I did try out the Alchemical Kale recipe and it was delicious. So you don’t lose out on those delicious Kale nutrients we have given you the standard Kale this week and included a lemon in the £8 and £10 boxes. Remember you get as much as 30% more nutrients out of the kale if you serve it with a squeeze of lemon juice as the vitamin C helps you body process the kale. (If you missed the alchemical kale recipe it is on our website in the blog!)

In the box this week you will find Marfona spuds, good for mash. We still have a few bags of our new potato 2nds at 20p a kilo bag. Also in your box, our beans, these will be a mix of runner and French beans depending on your box. The carrots this week come from North Somercoates, plus your usual tasty selected vegetables.

 On site this week we are a bit short staffed with holidays but work still continues apace. We have group of young people on site learning about the natural landscape. We have some help from the YMCA residents leafleting to try and find a new chairperson for the friends of Kingston woods. This lovely project has s small budget to maintain the area for future generations. We work with them and would hate to see the community group close. If you are interested get in touch.

 Please do pay us a visit, we have some great health food including a range of ORGANIC and GLUTEN FREE products.

Can we remind you that if you can persuade any of your neighbours to take up a veg box then you will get a treat when they order from us. Delivering to the same street really saves on fuel and is the most environmental way of us working.

If you haven’t already, please do go and like us on Facebook. We give away a free veg box every 100 likes.

Thanks for your continued support!


Don’t forget we sell FREE RANGE Eggs from Chickens NOT fed on GM soya. Most other non organic eggs will be from GM fed chickens.