Veg Box News 21.01.13

Veg Box News  21.01.13

Another cold week and we decided to take the decision to deliver to everyone on Thurs.  We really hope this doesn’t mess you, our lovely customers about too much.  Obviously we have to decide such things early on in the week depending on the forecast.

In your box this week you have some of our lovely leeks, they are an old traditional variety known as Musselburgh, a shorter leek but full of flavor.  As usual potatoes and carrots from around Louth and North Somercoates.   We try hard to bring you the most local veg we can.  Sometimes we don’t get it right and we would like to remind you that if ever there is a problem e.g. A bad onion or potato, then just let us know! With truly natural products it happens. When it does we will replace the item the following week.  Please do let us know if you have any problems as we pride ourselves on the quality of what we supply.

How many of you saw ch4 dispatches report on veg. in the supermarket?
We were appalled by the extent of the tricks used by the supermarkets to get money from you.  The program confirmed our own monthly price check: the £8 box you buy from us would cost you just over £10 from a supermarket.  If you need to save money shop local and support local growers!  Please do tell your friends as people still don’t believe us!

On the landscape we have been taking out the strawberry plants and splitting them up ready to go into some vertical planters, demonstrating an interesting growing method, useful if you don’t have much space.  Our tireless dedicated volunteers have still been showing up in the bleakest of weather.  Their continued support and enthusiasm is so heart-warming and inspiring.  We love our volunteers!

If you like trees there is a tree planting 11 til 1 on this sat, next to the medical centre on westward Ho.   Kids welcome accompanied by an adult. Just turn up, we haven’t organized this event.


Thanks again for your continued support of Green Futures.  We strive very hard to bring you quality local vegetables, reducing food miles and supporting local growers.

Sean and Kylie


THE STANDARD £8 veg box contains approximately:

1.2 k       Potatoes

700g       Carrots

600g       Onions

500g       Mushrooms

600g       Parsnip

500g       Leeks

1                     Swede

Smaller and individual boxes may vary due to your likes dislikes and availability.