Veg Box News 20.01.14

I dont know if you find that when you have been away for awhile it takes a while to get back into the swing of things? Certainly it felt manic here last week. We ran out of parsnips for the Friday boxes so had to swap them for calabrese (Broccoli), if this happened to you hopefully you didn’t mind! With the nature of our work this happens sometimes as we dont quite harvest as much as we hoped or we get to one of our suppliers/farmers and they just dont have enough of a particular crop, its just the nature of small scale production. Thankfully we have lovely understanding customers!

The frosty morning today made the land glisten. The silver sheen somehow makes the landscape look different. The leeks will be a bit sweeter and some of the bugs and pests will be killed off, helping to bring harmony to the ebb and flow of the cycle of life.

In the £10 box this week we have given customers spring onions and radishes that we have been carefully growing in our poly-tunnel; savour them, as we only managed to grow a few! We also have a few interesting winter leafy salad bits; the first to be ready is an interestingly flavoured and slightly peppery land cress. You can order a bag for 75p as an extra with your veg box. (again only limited supplies) We also have a few fresh Bolivian rainbow/Burning Ember chillies £1 a bag if you want a bit of warming up!

Some of you may know that in the storms of December one of our poly tunnels was destroyed by the wind, ripping off the poly cover and flapping it about like an old flag. I am pleased to tell you that the kind souls at the YMCA have funded the £500 needed to buy a new cover. We will be replacing it as soon as we get some warm weather in March.

If I can ask you to get your thinking caps on as we are going to do a big push to get an extra 20 customers in February. For the last 18 Months we have been funded by the National Lottery Local Food Grants and they want us to work with more people. I will remind you again but this is just a quick heads up! I’ve not had chance to try the recipe but it sounded very interesting!