Veg Box News 18.02.13

The first signs of spring this week with at least one warm day made us very excited on site. We have a couple of extra volunteers show up and there is a real feeling of potential in the air. The first of the seeds arrived and and we began planning the years diary of events in more detail.


Green Futures is very much a community project. It works because other people like us and you see the potential for a project like this and also realize that in all the banking and financial crisis in the news, you cant actually eat money; if things do get worse then all you need to be able to source good local food. Green Futures is part of the solution to a sustainable future.


In your veg box this week we include Savoy Cabbage; to prepare; Shred or cut Savoy into wedges with the hard core discarded. Steam, boil or braise, add to hearty peasant soups or stuff rolled-up whole leaves with a savoury minced meat/soya/quorne and rice mixture.It’s coming to the end of the season for them so enjoy while you can!


Off site we have been working with a group of people who have formed a friends of Kingston Woods. They are looking for other people interested to get involved. Send us an email or private message and we can give you details. Remember the trees are the lungs of the earth and we are one of the most deforested countries in the world!


We have also started work on creating space for our hydroponics set up. We will be growing veg in a variety of ways this year to demonstrate to people how much you can grow in a small space. Not only is food growing fun, it can save you money and you can guarantee what has gone into the food. (No horses here) If anyone is interested in learning about growing your own food we will be running a number of taster courses. Keep an eye on our website and facebook.


We are currently collecting old garden tools to add to our tool bank. If you have any old garden tools that you don’t want and would like to donate, just drop them in or give them to the delivery team. Thanks!!!


Sean and Kylie