Veg Box News 17.06.13

So I know at least 3 people read the news letter as I did get some comments back, which is nice, as it takes a surprising amount of time to pen these few words and make sure I haven’t totally written a load of nonsense. If you want to contribute anything then please contact our Facebook or by emailing Orders@ our web address

 We had some positive feedback about the new potatoes so it was obviously worth stepping out of the county. In the coming weeks we will feature some of the other growers that we work with. Green Futures veg delivery service is about using the food we grow as part of our main project, plus reducing food miles and supporting smaller and local growers. Some people have said that they thought we grew it all our selves; this is just not possible. We have over a 100 customers and just on potatoes alone we get through about 13 tons in a year! This week we have Lincolnshire new potatoes in the box and broad beans from our own site as an extra item.

 At all times we work hard to bring you quality veg and to encourage you to spend your money in a smaller local way. The economics of spending in local shops is very interesting with thelocal retailers returned 52 per cent of their revenue to the local economy as opposed to 14 per cent for chains including supermarkets. If people are serious about wanting to help the local area then if everyone shopped in small local shops we would be living in a different town!

 On site we continue to be helped by a small army of volunteers and work placement people that are real stars. We are developing our veg prep area and also creating a room affectionately known as Kylie’s pantry; which will be stocked with tasty health foods, environmentally friendly products and be a base for the flower arranging and selling our site produce.

 Please don’t forget if you need to alter your order or let us know about additional things you would like to buy, please call us 2 days before your delivery so we have time to get the items ready and so we don’t waste any food.

Long term customers will know that behind the scenes we are trying to set up an online shop and computerised delivery system. We got a stage closer this week!

 Thanks for your continued support!

Sean and Kylie

PS get a friend to try a box and we will give you a treat in your box the following week!