Veg Box News 15.10.13

A mixed week of weather has seen sporadic work on the landscape. The hectic winds damaged a few items on the landscape; mainly one of the poly tunnels and one of the netted cages. It is amazing the power of the wind even through fine mesh, enough to bend steel bars! The damage is all repairable but it reminds us that Poly 1 will need a new cover in the next couple of years!

 Our stalwart volunteers still showed up and have helped us plant a big load of winter cabbages. The Leeks on the landscape are growing well and we have harvested all our own potatoes. The potatoes this week are Lincolnshire Marfonas; a great all rounder and you will probably find the amounts are over weight as the size of them made it difficult to give you exactly the weight for your box (We err on the side of overweight!)

 Hope you enjoy the unusual squashes; they are a taste of what we have planned for our squash tunnel next year!

 The carrots this week are back to the usual North Somercotes supplier of unwashed carrots. Thanks for bearing with us last week. We have given you flat mushrooms for a change They are great roasted and have put a link to a lovely Jamie Oliver recipe on our facebook page. (Email if you don’t use facebook and I can send you the link!)

 Thanks to the people that took the time to ask their neighbours and friends to try a box from us. You are helping build a community of people interested in good quality veg and that care about our area. We are meeting some lovely new people! Every new customer helps us take steps to sustainability and staying open for the longer term.

 We have ordered a few new items for the Pantry and increased the number of gluten free products. We carry a range of vegetarian and Vegan Products and now have a few essential oils for sale. If there are any products you would like to see us sell then please do let us know.

We do have a number of ‘close to end date’ items for sale including tubes of organic tomato purée only 90p a tube!)