Veg Box News 13.08.13

I’m struggling to believe another week has gone by, doesn’t time fly! The beginning of this week has been all about tidying the site up. We have on site this Wednesday, 3 representatives from the National Lottery. They are visiting to check on our project and also give us an award. Many of you will have already met Jeanette, as she goes out on the van and helps with delivery, but also another important person in our team is Pauline; most weeks she helps us and packs the boxes ready for delivery. We entered them both into a national competition; Local Food Heroes and they won!!!

We have said many times that we value our volunteers and all the other people that help to support us and ensure that North East Lincolnshire has an Environmental Project and point of community contact for such matters. This award is a great recognition of the work that they and everyone involved does. Lots of smiles and pats on the back all round!

As part of the tidy up we have moved around the hard standing area and now have a load of plants, shrubs and small trees ready for sale. Please do pay us a visit. Our prices are usually very competitive and your money help us to survive.

In the poly tunnel we have had to laugh as we had a pumpkin squash mix up and what we thought were squashes are actually pumpkins; they are growing massive so we should be able to sell you some ace pumpkins in the autumn!

We are happy to say that the veg box store or The Pantry as we like it call it, is open for sale of the stuff we sell on the van, but from site and now all laid out nicely so you can see it. Please do pay a visit, we have some great health food including a range of ORGANIC and GLUTEN FREE products.

Can we remind you that if you can persuade any of your neighbours to take up a veg box then you will get a treat when they order from us. Delivering to the same street really saves on fuel and is the most environmental way of us working.

If you haven’t already please do go and like us on Facebook. We give away a free veg box every 100 likes.DSC_0034Local food award day group pic