Veg Box News 12.05.14

Some of our customers have been asking about getting bigger boxes as they realise now that we are often much cheaper than the supermarkets. Also our veg tends to stay fresher for longer as its journey from field to your house is usually shorter than supermarkets can manage. To help people plan we give this week the differences between the boxes. Hope you don’t miss the recipe too much!

Last week we were delighted that we got a little more funding enabling us to employ two part time staff on the horticultural team and as part of the veg box scheme. Both people have been previously involved with us as placements, so it is really nice to be able to offer them paid work after giving up their time for free. Welcome Nick and Jeanette! This sort of thing really demonstrates our commitment to using the landscape in a way that helps local people. We offer a place for people to come and volunteer and enjoy nature, tend plants, grow food and often develop many skills to help them with life and employment.

On the landscape the much needed rain and sun means the plants, veg and weeds are all growing well. Looking forward to harvesting already! We have plenty of opportunities for people to come and help us with weeding 🙂 Its one of the joys of not using any sprays or weed killers, hand weeding is the only way!

We are still in the Food Gap so we couldn’t get any English carrots this week, we’ve had to top up with salad items to try and keep as much English stuff in your box as possible. Hope that is OK!

We’ve been looking at the facts and figures and we really need a few more people to start ordering some of the extra things we sell like pasta rice, nuts etc, eco cleaning products healthy snacks etc. Without more orders then this part of our service won’t be viable and we will have to stop it. 🙁 Don’t forget you can order these tasty goodies to be delivered with your veg box and often it is items that you probably buy from supermarkets. Every penny you spend with us helps us survive and means you are spending your money in a more ethical way and supporting the local economy. You can ask us for the latest printed list of products if you cant get online to look at our website.

We have back in stock a number of local preserves and pickles. Please ask the delivery team.

If you have time please come and visit our site, we have some great produce for sale and its a lovely place to spend a bit of time too.

Thanks for your continued support, Sean,Kylie, Jeanette and the Veg box team.

PS As always the large free range eggs are 6 for £1.50.