Veg Box News 07.07.14


The weeds grow so quickly!!! As you know we don’t spray so it means that everything has to be hand weeded and it takes a lot of people power to keep areas clear. The back field was only done a couple of weeks ago and wandering around today you can hardly tell in some of the beds. If some of the crops grew as fast we would be able to bring you absolutely loads of veg from our site.

In the £8 box this week is celariac. This can be used cooked in stews, soups or mixed with mash potatoes or grated raw to add to salads or make a really interesting coleslaw.

The recipe this week is such a lovely fresh tasting salad, ideal for a summer buffet or alfresco meal. For meat eaters, add six rashers of crispy fried, crumbled bacon.

Sadly, not a single comment back from any of our customers after we asked last week if people read the news letters. No emails, face book messages, tweets or phone calls. We will give it one more week and then after that make the changes we spoke about last week.

We have a number of new items in stock in our health food range; some delicious breakfast bars at 90p each as well as our usual lentil and hummus crisps that make an interesting and healthy alternative to potato crisps and chocolates.

Our raspberries are cropping well and it looks like we will soon be able to offer our own blueberries, although we will only have a limited supply of these.

Elsewhere on the landscape we now have courgettes and marrows and also a number of salad items.

Yesterday we had to rescue a pheasant from our brassica cage, he was rather flustered and made a right noise but seemed happy once he was freed. We have to net the cabbages off because the pigeons decimate them.

Its mentally busy this week for the staff as we have several people off, so sorry if we don’t get back to your enquiries quickly.

Fresh LARGE FREERANGE eggs from chickens not fed on GMO’s £1.50 for half dozen

Thanks for your continued support, Kylie Jeanette, Sean and the Veg box team.

PS Salad and Fruit boxes available for £5.50 delivered with your veg box.