Veg Box News 05.05.14

In the past week we have been working hard to prepare the ground on the back field ready for planting our spring and summer crops.

Work has also been under-way to get the second poly-tunnel skinned, prepped and ready for planting as this summer we are hoping for a bumper crop. As the weather is nice (at the time of going to print) this is the ideal time to get the skin on.

Last Saturday the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust ‘Turnstiles’ children’s group ran an activity on-site all about bugs and insects, the weather was lovely and the children (and parents) had a great time hunting for a variety of creepy crawlies. The group was also exceptionally lucky to be visited by Snowy the owl, the children stroked him and talked to his owner about what he eats and where he lives etc so thanks to Paul Hamilton for bringing him.

Our new volunteers have quickly settled in and Carol is working with VANEL to review the referral process so that we can take as many new volunteers as possible at this busy time of year. We have a new person called Brad starting this week on a ‘traineeship’ in partnership with Franklin College.

Elaine has been busy preparing the ‘Grimsby in Bloom’ planters (there’s a lot of them) which are due to be positioned around the town at the beginning of June.

The hanging baskets are also being planted,we will have general summer hanging baskets to order for £10 which should be ready for the end of May and edible ones with lettuce & nasturtiums etc for £3.50 each (available now).

The salad boxes and fruit boxes are proving to be very much sought after, please ring the office on 870609 to either change your veg box to a salad box or add additional items to your order.

We now have a range of plants available to purchase so please feel free to visit site and have a look round Monday to Friday between 9:00 – 4:00. We currently have a variety of herbs, grasses, lavender, heather, trees and shrubs as well as:

Sweet peas £1.00 for a six pack or 2 packs for £1.50

Sunflowers 3 for £1.00

Fushia £3 each

Forget me not’s £1 each

Hosta plants £3 each

Perennials from £1.50 – £3.00

As always the free range eggs are ½ dozen for £1.50.