Veg Box News 03.09.13

Ok so own up, who stole August? Where did that month go? We harvested so much stuff and your boxes contained the greatest percentage of our own produce yet. The Salad boxes have often been 100% from our site. As this project continues we hope to keep up this sort of level of activity and work with more local growers so we are constantly reducing our and consequently your food miles. Every box you buy from us you can feel good that you are supporting local growers and food suppliers.

In the box this week are Lincolnshire Daisy potatoes and a load of veg that is great for roasting. (See side panel) This makes for a great dinner that is easy and so tasty.

On the landscape we have been busy with the usual round of weeding and watering and planting out. The rather interesting looking purple sprouts are taking shape; should have these ready for the Christmas boxes. Arrgh, did I say that word! Yes, already when growing things, we have had to be thinking about Christmas! We will be offering our usual boxes plus a special larger Christmas dinner box and possibly a deluxe Christmas hamper too! More details to follow.

One good thing to come out of the on site burglary was the news coverage got us 2 news customers! Other than that its been a night mare of logistics and apologies, particularly for our garden round customers. We finally got the vans back close of business on Tuesday, so slowly we will get back to speed. Thanks for your patience and the best help you can be is to keep buying our veg and tell your neighbours about our service!

We have quite a few jams and preserves for sale, some made by our customers, some made by a local small business. I am slowly trying to try them all, to check for quality purposes you understand 🙂

Thanks for your continued support!


We work with Specialist Health Promotion and they are running a cookery session, Wednesday 18th

September. Participants can take part in a practical cookery demonstration and eat the fruits of their labour in a session held at Second Avenue Resource Centre with Vicki Hall. For more information please contact: Steven Markham (01472) 326241