Veg Box News 01/12.14

A month wizzes by since we last spoke to you. The real countdown to Christmas begins. May we remind you that we are doing a Christmas box. Please order by 8th of December to guarantee getting a box. Note delivery day 23rd of December.

The Christmas box will contains Potatoes, carrots, cauli, broccoli, swede, carrots, parsnips, cabbage, sprouts, leek, garlic, mushroom, onions, a pepper, stuffing, mini Duffys choc, lacy cakes biscuit, oranges, a locally made preserve, 6 eggs and a bag of chestnuts! .

Can we also remind you that we sell a range of other food cupboard staples, pasta, rice etc. mostly organic. We now have a couple of people coming into do do some of their regular weekly shop. Ideally we need to get a few more orders a month to make the stock turn over in a more viable way. Why not give us a try and order some extra items to go with your veg box. Every extra items bought from us helps us survive. We can get items on request too.

Please note the Christmas and New Year closing times and also our delivery plans;

Last week of regular deliveries 15th to 19th December

Christmas box delivery 23rd December

First 2015 Delivery 12th to 17th January

On site we now have our classroom and meeting room available for hire. The room is equipped with 2 cookers and a range of kitchen equipment so is very suitable for training session do do with food. There are tea and coffee facilities and we have both a white board and projector suitable for doing presentations. Our on site kitchen is now up and running so we hope to eventually be bringing you some Green Futures Preserves and other items made using the fruit and veg from our landscape.

Talking of the landscape we have seeded two of our veg beds with wine cap mushroom mycelium. We look forward to seeing how that grows. We also have been to collect another small poly tunnel. This will bring us to 5 poly tunnels and help us ensure that more and more of our produce comes direct off the landscape at Bradley.

Can we take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the year and a special thank you to those of you that introduced us to your neighbours and friends. We love it that there are other people who get what we are doing and want to do more than just buy veg, but also support a good cause.

We sell lovely tasty FREE RANGE eggs from chickens not fed on GMO food.We are still doing fruit boxes only £5.50 delivered with your veg box!