There Maybe Trouble Ahead

Dear veg box customers.

Here is an advance apology to you as we enter our software trial month of Jan.  We are trying out 2 different bits of software to enable us to both effectively manage the now over 100 customers and also be able to offer you an online shopping facility.

Unfortunately while this is going on there is a very high chance that we may miss  or mess up on one of two orders.  Please be patient with us and be assured if we mess anything up we will try our hardest to correct things.

Once this frustrating period is over then we expect for you to be able to go on-line and customise your order and order additional products etc just like the super markets but with the knowledge that you are helping a community project and buying local veg!

We hope no one gets so annoyed that they leave us.

Thanks for your continued support.

Sean and Kylie