The Pantry Stock list 2014

The Pantry Complete Stock List 11.09.13     – You can order these items with your veg box.  PLEASE KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.  Price correct at time of printing.  Stock levels may vary. 
Pasta Manufacturer  Organic?  Weight  Cost
White spaghetti Suma Organic 500g 99p
Spelt white spaghetti Biona Organic 350g £3.99
Wholemeal spaghetti Suma Organic 500g 99p
Wholemeal Pasta Penne Suma Organic 500g 99p
Tricolore Spirals Suma Organic 500g £1.15
Wholewheat fusilli Suma Organic 500g 99p
Fusilli Spelt Wholewheat Biona Organic 500g £2.09
Rice Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Red camargue rice biona Organic 500g £3.29
Arborio rice Suma Organic 500g £2.29
Brown Basmatti Suma Organic 500g £2.05
Short grain brown rice Suma Organic 500g £1.49
Long grain brown rice Suma Organic £1.69
Jasmine brown rice Biona Organic 500g £2.69
Brown rice penne Doves Organic 500g £2.49
Rice cakes + salt Kallo Organic 130g £1.69
Risotto rice mix Biona Organic £2.45
Short grain rice Suma Organic 750g £2.35
Tins Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
6 bean mix Suma £0.95
Baked Beans Suma Organic £0.95
Butter beans Suma Organic 400g £0.75
Cannellin beans Suma Organic £0.89
Chopped tomatoes Suma Organic £0.69
Sweetcorn Suma Organic 340g £1.19
Baked Beans Biona Organic 400g £0.99
Baked beans Bionova Organic 340g £1.39
Aduki beans Suma Organic 400g £0.95
Lentil and courgette soup Suma Organic 420g £1.29
Pea soup Suma Organic 400g £1.29
Mixed beans Suma Organic 400g £0.95
Red kidney beans Suma Organic 400g £0.95
Chick peas Suma Organic £0.89
White kidney beans Suma Organic £1.09
Chilli beans Biona £1.09
Barley and bean soup Suma Organic £0.95
British baked beans Hodmedod’s £1.19
Vaal dahl Hodmedod’s £1.65
Fava bean Hodmedod’s £0.99
Whole water chestnuts Blue dragon £1.29
Cooking Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Agave syrup 500ml £4.45
Bouillon Powder Marigold 150g £1.75
Coconut Milk Biona Organic 200ml £1.19
Creamed Coconut Amaizin 200g £1.44
Coconut milk Amaizin Organic 200ml £1.29
Green Pesto Suma Organic 160g £2.59
Liquid aminos Marigold 250ml £3.27
Raw Choc Co Raw Cacao Powder Raw Health 200g £4.99
Raw Coconut Sugar Raw 250g 4,49
Red pesto, (vegan) Suma Organic 160g £2.59
Rice miso Genmai Organic 300g £4.79
Smoked firm tofu, Viana Viana Organic 250g £2.67
Spelt Flour Bacheldre 1.5kg £3.59
Stock cubes, veg Organic £1.49
Tomato puree Suma Organic 99p
Yeast Flakes (vegan) Engevita 125g £2.59
Passata Suma Organic 690g £1.49
Tempeh Yakso Organic 175g £2.95
Tamari soy sauce Sanchi Organic 150ml £2.79
Pump/ ginger noodles King soba Organic 250g £1.95
Celery salt Suma 100g £0.85
Sticky fig pudding Cartmel 250g £3.39
Cranberry and apple stuffing 150g £3.50
Risotto mix Biona 500g £2.45
Cooking oil Cocobran 500ml £4.99
Hemp oil Good oil 250ml £3.59
Truvia tubs Truvia 270g £5.39
Gravy sauce mix Free and easy 130g £1.65
Herbs / Seasoning Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Basil (dried) Suma Organic 20g £1.05
Black peppercorns Suma Organic 25g £1.05
Ground black pepper Suma Organic 25g 99p
Caraway seeds Suma 50g £0.85
Himalayan pink coarse salt 300g £2.59
Sea salt fine Broste 500g £2.19
Turmeric (dried) Suma Organic 25g £1.10
Ground turmeric Suma Organic 25g £0.99
Tomato and basil Natures store 80g £1.85
Sage Suma Organic 25g £1.05
Parsley Suma Organic 15g £1.05
Mixed herbs Suma Organic 20g £1.05
Green cardamons Suma Organic 10g £1.45
Biscuits Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Fig and quinoa cookies £1.19
Stem ginger cookies (Gluten Free) Traidcraft 150g £1.59
Stem ginger biscuits 10, Nairns Nairns 200g £1.59
Breads Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Rye Hempseed Bread Biona Organic 500g £1.99
Rye Chia Flax Bread Biona Organic 500g £1.85
Rice bread sunflower seeds Biona Organic 500g £3.69
Moroccan crispbread Easy bean 110g £2.95
Snack bars Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Apple tart raw fruit & nut bar Nakd £1.24
Cashew Cookie bar GLUTEN FREE Nakd 35g £0.85
Cherry infused raisins Nakd 25g £0.45
Chock Gogis Snack Pack Raw Health 32g £1.49
Coconut with chia Coco Jack 65g £0.72
Cocoa Coconut Flapjack Trek 50g £1.05
Cocoa loco nibble bar Nakd 30g £0.65
Crispy n chewy choc Traidcraft 30g £0.65
Date walnut and pumpkin bar Eat Natural £0.89
Doves banana/mango/brazil Doves Farm 40g £0.69
Energy bomb banana/guarana Pulsin £1.59
Fruit and nut bar Eat Natural £0.89
Hazel nougat choc bar Organic 40g £0.85
Mixed case Simply Scrummy 65g £0.69
Banana bread crunch Nakd 30g £0.71
Banana bread  nibble bar Nakd 30g £0.52
Nutty seed tasty cereal bar 9 Bar £0.95
Wholebake fruity 9 Bar 50g £0.85
Ombar acai & blueberry , raw choc Raw Health 38g £2.15
nakd 130g £2.07
Original  hemp seed bar 9 Bar Organic £0.95
Peanut hazel and almond bar Eat Natural £0.89
Peanut 9 Bar 50g £0.85
Vanoffee Dark Bar Raw chocolate co 44g £1.99
Vanoffee dark mini Raw chocolate co 22g £0.99
Raw Chocolate Bar Beond 35g £0.99
Berry Cheeky nibble bar Nakd 30g £0.52
Berry delight bits Nakd 130g £2.07
Seed Stacked Bar-Carob Topped Flapjack Seed Stacked 50g £0.65
Sesame Snaps Sesame snaps £0.29
Sesame snaps (coconut) Sesame snaps £0.29
Apple & cinnamon beond bar 35g £0.99
Seseme Snaps Coconut 30g £0.29
Simply scrummy bars Simply Scrummy £0.69
cashew/coconut flapjack whole bake 80g £0.60
Strawberry & Oat Bar Braw 35g £0.80
Strawberry crunch bar Nakd £0.69
Trek Bar Peanut and Oat Nakd 50g £1.25
Yoghurt banana chips Suma £1.49
choc co vanoffe dark mini Raw Health 22g £0.99
Bliss Bar Pulsin 50g £1.35
Peanut butter bar Clif bar 68g £1.60
Chocolate almond fudge Clif bar 68g £1.49
Dark chocolate coins Divine 75g £2.55
Mine pie fudge 110g £2.69
Raw Choc mulberries snack pack 32g £1.29
Banana bites RAW Inspiral Organic 60g £1.39
Simply strawberries 30g £0.99
Cranberry/ orange biccy Walkers 150g £3.25
Berry burst bar Pulsin 50g £1.59
Crisps Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Chilli & lemon lentil crisps Cofresh 40g 63p
Creamy Dil lentil crisps Cofresh 40g 63p
Creamy Dill Chips CoFresh 45g £0.63
Lentil Chilli & Lemon Chips CoFresh 45g £0.63
Lentil Chilli & Lemon Chips. CoFresh 40g £0.63
Lentil Chilli & Lemon Chips. CoFresh 113g £1.45
Lentil Creamy Dill Chips CoFresh 40g £0.63
Lentil Sea Salted Chips CoFresh 40g £0.63
Lentil Tomato & Basil Chips CoFresh 40g £0.63
Poppadom Curls, Chilli & Lemon Cofresh 80g 99p
Sea salt crisps Cofresh 40g 63p
Tomato & Basil Chips CoFresh 45g £0.63
Tomato & Basil lentil crisps Cofresh 40g 63p
Beetroot and garlic crackers 80g £3.12
Oil / Vinegar Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Argan Oil Clearspring Organic 250ml £11.19
Coconut Oil Biona Organic 200g £4.39
Coconut Oil Higher Nature Organic 400g £10.50
Coconut oil Odourless Biona 470ml £4.79
Coconut oil Cocowel Organic 500ml £6.99
Coconut Oil Virgin Coconoil 460g £6.75
Cold pressed sunflower oil Suma Organic 500ml £2.99
Extra virgin olive oil Suma 500ml £5.35
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Italian) Suma Organic 750ml £5.80
Omega Oil Organic Clearspring Organic 500ml £3.95
Rapeseed Oil Organic Organic 250ml £1.99
Sesame Oil Clearspring Organic 500ml £4.89
Toasted Sesame Clearspring Organic 250ml £3.35
Balsamic Vinegar Suma Organic 250ml £4.25
Apple Cider Vinegar Biona Organic 500ml £2.09
Avacado oil Infinity Organic 250ml £7.19
Dry food Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Aduki beans Suma Organic 500g £1.95
Broth mix Suma 500g £1.55
Brown lentils Suma 500g £1.15
Cacao Nibs Organic Suma 100g £1.60
Cane sugar Suma Organic 500g £2.45
Chick peas Suma 500g £1.39
Chick peas Suma Organic 400g 89p
Millet Suma Organic 500g £1.55
Moong Dahl Suma 500g £2.59
Bean Mix Suma Organic 500g £2.65
Yellow Split Peas Suma Organic 500g £1.59
Bulgur Wheat Suma Organic 500g £1.69
Red split lentils Suma Organic 750g £1.69
Red lentils Suma Organic 500g 95p
Sundried tomatoes Suma Organic 125g £1.85
Wasabi peas, Spicy Suma 75g 87p
Wholemeal couscous Suma Organic £1.55
Split fava beans Hodmedod’s Organic 500g £2.29
Split dried fava beans Hodmedod’s 500g £1.90
Whole dried fava beans Hodmedod’s 500g £1.80
Whole dried kabuki peas Hodmedod’s 500g £1.80
Whole dried black badgers Hodmedod’s 500g £2.45
Mixed pulses Hodmedod’s 500g
Soya beans Suma Organic 500g £1.55
Tea/coffee Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Bed Time Tea Yogi 17 Bags £2.19
Classic instant coffee, Cafedirect Cafedirect 100g £4.99
Earl grey Clipper Organic 50 bags £2.59
Earl grey Kromland Farm 40 bags £2.65
Earl grey rooibos 15 bags £3.19
Ethiopia coffee union 227g £4.95
Licorace Mint Tea Yogi 17Bags £2.19
Green Tea Bags Qi Organic 25 Bags £1.29
Sweet Lemon & Green Tea Organic 17 bags £2.29
White tea and goji berry Qi 25 bags £1.49
White tea Clipper Organic 26 bags £1.90
Classic original bag Yogi 17 bags £2.19
Blackcurrant and Acai Clipper 20 bags £2.00
Energy cran hibiscus Yogi 17 bags £2.19
Ginger kick higher living 15 bags £1.99
Choco chilli tea Yogi Organic 17 bags £2.29
Cereal Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Jumbo oats Organic 500g £1.85
Gluten Free Porridge Oats Nairns G 450g £3.49
Macas Secret (adults only) Muesli 400g £2.99
Deluxe Muesli 500g Suma Organic 500g £2.15
Seeds, Nuts & Berries Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Alfalfa Seeds Suma Organic 125g £1.85
Almonds Suma Organic 125g £2.19
Almonds Suma Organic 250g £3.99
Devils claw root extract Flexiherbs £2.65
Brazil nuts Suma Organic 125g £2.29
Broken walnuts Suma 125g £1.89
Cacao nibs Suma Organic 100g £1.60
Cashew nuts Suma Organic 125g £2.85
Coconut Dessicated Suma Organic 125g £0.99
Coconut Chips Suma 150g £1.25
Goji Berries Suma Organic 32g £1.49
Goji Berries Pearls of sam Organic 100g £6.90
Hazelnuts Suma Organic 125g £1.89
Hemp seeds Suma Organic 125g £1.25
Omega seed mix Suma Organic 125g £1.25
Pumpkin seeds Suma Organic 125g £1.39
Pumpkin seeds Suma Organic 250g £2.35
Quinoa, Fairtrade Suma Organic 375g £3.25
Red Quinoa Suma Organic 500g £4.15
Sesame seeds Suma Organic 250g £1.65
Sunflower seeds Suma Organic 125g 68p
Sunflower seeds Suma Organic 250g £1.45
Sesame seeds Suma Organic 125g 68p
Hemp seeds Good shelled 200g £3.19
Black mustard seeds Suma 50g £0.85
Walnuts Suma Organic 225g £2.75
Pine kenals Suma Organic 125g £5.79
Whole almonds Suma Organic 1kg £14.00
Golden linseed Suma Organic 250g £1.45
Spread Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Peanut butter crunchy Suma Organic 340g £2.89
vegtable ghee khyber 2lb £3.65
raw r/forest nutbutter Carley’s 170g £4.65
Pure coconut butter Tiana Organic 350ml £4.99
Almond butter Raw Health 170g £3.99
Peanut butter smooth Suma Organic 340g
Crunchy almond butter Meridian Organic 170g £2.79
Superseed Spread Raw Health 170g £2.79
White Almond Butter RAW Carley’s 170g £3.75
Hazelnut butter Raw health 170g £4.69
Tahini Raw health 170g £2.55
Drinks Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Acai juice Berry Co 1L £2.29
Acai juice Berry Co 250ml £1.09
Blueberry juice Berry co 250ml £1.09
Cherry tree cola Fentimans 275ml £1.35
Coconut Fruit Ice Smooze 65ml £3.59
Coconut milk original Koko 250ml £1.89
Coconut Water Chi 1L £3.49
Coconut Water 350ml £1.99
Curiosity cola Fentimans 275ml £1.35
Orange Jigger Fentimans 275ml £1.35
Dandelion & Burdock Fentimans 275ml £1.35
Goji Berry Berry Co 1L £2.29
Goji Berry Berry Co 250ml £1.09
Milk Almond Cacoa Ecomil 1L £2.65
Milk Hazelnut Ecomil Organic 1L £3.15
Still natural spring water HighLand Spring 500ml 45p
Still natural spring water Highland Spring 1.5L 75p
Pink Guava Fruit Ice Smooze 10X65ml £3.59
Rice dream Hazelnut & almond drink 1L £1.99
Rose Lemonade Fentimans 276ml £2.35
Scheckters energy Scheckters Organic 250ml £1.62
Sour cherry juice Proganic Organic 250ml £1.69
Sparkling Lemon & Lime Cawston Press 330ml £1.15
Victorian Lemonade Fentimans 275ml £1.35
Pomegranate juice Biona 200ml £1.69
Pomegranate juice Biona 1L £4.79
Cranberry juice Proganic 125ml £1.39
Ginger beer Fentimans 275ml £1.35
Oat alternative to cream Oatly 225ml £1.09
Cherry pure super juice Acerola 330ml £5.25
Pure English apple juice Duskin 1L £1.95
Coconut milk Koko 1L £1.69
Waltham kitchen preserves & pickles Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Balsamic Mustard W. Kitchen £2.60
Caramalised  Onion Chutney W. Kitchen £3.50
Fig and apple Chutney W. Kitchen £3.70
Gin & tonic pickled onions W. Kitchen £3.50
Hazelnut caramel W. Kitchen £4.00
Kashmir chutney W. Kitchen £3.50
Lincolnshire Ale pickle W. Kitchen £3.50
Orange, lemon & grapefruit marmalade W. Kitchen £3.00
Dowerhouse Chutney W. Kitchen £3.50
Tomato chutney W. Kitchen £3.50
Clementine + whiskey marmalade W. Kitchen £3.50
Cranberry, orange + port sauce W. Kitchen £2.20
Pina colada jam W. Kitchen £3.70
Luxury mincemeat with whiskey W. Kitchen £4.00
Super foods Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Burst maca root powder Organic 100g £5.99
Cacao powder, Raw choc 200g £4.99
Health Og Barley Grass 100 Dru 100g £9.25
Pea protein powder, Pulsin 250g £5.99
Pomegranate Molasses 250ml £3.25
Raw Choc co cacao butter Raw Health 240g £7.99
Spirulina Organic Burst Organic 100g £10.50
Cleaning products / Toiletries Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
100% Recycled Aluminum foil £2.49
Bodywash weleda £1.99
Sea buckthorn body wash weleda 200ml £4.64
buckthorn hand cream weleda 50ml £9.95
Active silver higher nature 15ml £7.95
Baking soda paste Kingfisher 100ml £2.85
Aloe Vera Skincare Gel ESI 200g £5.65
Dishwasher tablets, Ecover Ecover 25 tabs £4.04
Essential oil -Lavender Aqua Oleum 10ml £4.35
Essential Oil -Sandlewood Aqua Oleum 10ml £6.25
Essential Oil -Tea Tree Aqua Oleum £4.10
Essential Oil Sinus blend-snotblaster Aqua Oleum 10ml £3.99
Liquid hand soap, Ecoleaf Ecoleaf 500ml £3.69
Laundry Liquid Ecoleaf 1.5L £5.99
Mint fluoride free, Kingfisher Kingfisher 100ml £2.89
Minty floride free toothpaste, Green people Green People £3.50
Multi surface cleaner, Ecoleaf Ecoleaf £2.29
Sarakan toothpaste Sarakan 50ml £2.39
washing up liquid zero 750ml £1.75
Toilet cleaner, Ecoleaf Ecoleaf £1.99
Washing Powder 6 X 900 Ecoleaf 900g £4.45
Washing up liquid Ecoleaf 1L £2.35
Handwash Mizu Cream Almond Suma 250ml £3.99
ply kitchen towel 2 rolls £1.59
Cotton wool pads Organic 100 £1.99
Heavy duty sponge scourers Ecoforce 2 pk £0.95
Other Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Barbecue Traidcraft £3.50
Vitamin D tablets Together 30 caps £5.99
Vitamin C tablets Together 30 caps £6.99
Citricidal Higher Nature 25ml £6.40
Frozen Foods Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
frzn tempeh impulse organic 227g £2.69
Val’s Jams Manufacturer Organic? Weight Cost
Plum jam with amaretto £3.00
Plum jam with whiskey £3.00
Plum jam with port £3.00
Whiskey marmalade £3.00
Damson jam £2.50
Beetroot jewel £2.50
Raspberry jam £2.00
Plum and ginger jam £2.50
Rubarb and ginger conserve £2.50
Spiced rubarb and ginger chutney £2.50
Spiced plum chutney £2.50
Pear chutney £2.50
Pumpkin and apple chutney £2.50
marrow and red onion chutney £2.50
Spiced plum and ginger chutney £2.50
Spicy apple chutney £2.50
Apple and tomato chutney £2.50
Rubarb and ginger chutney £2.50
Marrow and ginger jam £2.50
Bramble jam £2.00
Courgette chutney £2.50
Plum jam £2.00
Greengage jam £2.50
Runner bean and courgette chutney £2.50
courgette and tomato chutney £2.50
Other items can be ordered, Please Enquire.