More of the Public Accept Climate Change

As an environmental organisation we are very bothered by climate change and its long term effects.  There are some people that still don’t accept the science but thankfully this number is reducing.  According to  a BBC news story  recent study showed that;

Concern has almost returned to the high levels reported in 2005, say University of Cardiff researchers.

Britons named climate change as a major issue facing the UK alongside crime and education in a national survey.

What I don’t understand about climate deniers is why would you oppose moves to do things in a cleaner more efficient way, that has less of an impact on the natural world, creates less pollution and in the long term means you are generating nearly free energy?

Even if 90% of the worlds scientists are wrong (which I doubt) then the risk of not doing something is far too great.  The potential for stealing from our children’s futures is a price most people are not willing to pay when you sit and talk to them individually.

A careful look in the garden and you can see the effects of the changing climate with pests and diseases having different life cycles and prevalence.  Evidence you can gather with your own eyes should be enough to persuade you to alter some of your behaviour.   Reducing food miles by using local veg box schemes and reducing the amount of imported veg you eat is one of the ways you can help cut down on your Co2  emissions contribution.  Obviously growing your own results in the least amount of food miles of all and is great fun.

Hopefully as more people start to accept the climate science they will also take more positive action to alter the way they behave too.