Check brassicas on a regular basis to ensure cabbage white butterflies haven’t


laid their eggs; wash off with a strong jet of water from your hose pipe.




Continue to feed tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and anything that has started


to fruit.




Take side shoots out of your tomatoes and support them if necessary. Take off


bottom leaves to allow water to penetrate the roots, allow air to circulate and


prevent diseases.




Cut back strawberry plants that have finished fruiting and give them a good


feed to encourage runners which can be planted up when big enough.



Check garlic and if the leaves have started to go yellow and bend over then it is


the time to harvest. Put them somewhere to dry and then store in a cool place


for continuous use.




If you are growing courgettes harvest them regularly to stop them from


becoming marrows.




Lift early potatoes as they mature.



Cover your soft fruits to stop the birds from taking them all.




Keep all beds weeded as they take the nutrients out of the soil and away from


your vegetables and flowering plants.




Dead heads all flowering plants on a regular basis this will encourage them to


flower again giving you more colour for longer




Turn compost bins add water if they are too dry.




Keep your ponds topped during hot spells.