Health Benefits of Vegetables; Onions and Shallots

Onions and shallots are full of nutrients including, Vitamins A, B, C, magnesium, potassium, sulphur compounds, bioflavonoids, essential oils (mono or sesquiterpenoids) and natural sugars.
They are great vegetables to add to your diet to support bones and joints especially if you experience rheumatoid arthritis or gout.  They support the blood and circulation and are beneficial for people who have arteriosclerosis, onions and shallots help to support the immune system especially if you are coming down with a cold or the flu and they are also beneficial for period pains in women,
Onions have antibiotic and anti-fungal properties and can block tumour formation, reduce cholesterol levels and prevent blood clots from forming.  They help to ease water retention and promote the elimination of urea.  Onions are beneficial to both the digestive and circulatory systems.  They can be juiced or used in a decoction for the treatment of digestive problems, diarrhora, coughs, colds and flu.  You can even make an onion syrup by layering sliced raw onion with brown sugar or molasses which will eventually turn into an onion syrup and require the onions to be strained after 4 weeks.
Onions can be eaten raw – macerating them in olive oil makes them more palatable.  Onion juice can be drunk mixed in water or carrot juice and can also be applied neat to insect stings, warts and boils.
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Western Medicinal Herbalist within Grimsby and Cleethorpes
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