Golden Beetroot Pasta.

Golden beetroot has a slightly milder flavour than the regular one and is a vibrant, bright yellow, which brings a splash of colour to any dish. Combined with fresh herb pesto and fresh spicy rocket the Golden Beetroot pasta dish is also very healthy.


1 or 2 warm roasted Golden beetroot

300g cooked, hot fresh, penne pasta

2 tbsp fresh herb pesto

Handful washed ruccola/rocket

Extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt and black pepper


Beetroot can be roasted in its skin and will take approx 30 mins for a medium beetroot.  Just give it a stab with a fork to ensure it has softened enough to eat.

Remove the skin and any root or remaining stalk from the hot, roasted beetroot. Chop the beetroot into small dice, keep warm.

Place the cooked pasta into a warmed, large serving bowl. Add the pesto and stir thoroughly.

Add the ruccola/rocket, stir again then finally add the cooked beetroot.

Drizzle the pasta with olive oil and season with salt and pepper and serve immediately with a fresh green salad and crusty bread.