Community Comes to the Rescue.

roof damage 2Recently we had the sad discovery that we had been broken into.  The thieves stole all our seedling growing equipment; lights, and organic feed as well as causing several hundred pounds worth of damage to the roof.  They ripped off the tiles to get into the propagation room and left us with a gaping hole in the roof.

Obviously this is annoying and very damaging to a business that is trying to grow food and work as a social enterprise for the good of the community.  We help lots of people and many people give their time for free as they see the good that we do.  We are a not for profit company and this massively impacts on our ability to to deliver our services.  We keep our prices very low to enable people to afford veg and plants, this means that we don’t have big surplices of money to pay for unnecessary expenses like this.

Although we were reluctant to share a bad news story, late on Tuesday we decided to take to social media to let our followers and fans know what had gone on.  Within 2 hours we had a phone call from Paul at Pad Letting Agency based in Grimsby and he had arranged with GRMS to provide us with FREE materials and repairs!

We are absolutely delighted by this generous gesture of community spirit.  The area sometimes gets a bad reputation, usually from the actions of a few individuals, but on the whole there are many kind and community minded people that work to make the area better place to live and work.

If you are reading this we hope you take note of these companies and use their services.  Your support of companies like this further strengthens the local community and encourages more companies to follow their lead.  We have been humbled by their actions, a true demonstration of how the community can come to the rescue.

roof fixed 2   gy roofing 4