As Christmas approaches, it’s time to think about those that have and those that don’t.

Hello to all you good people that support Green Futures at the Vanson Centre.

For me it’s a pleasure to work towards creating a centre for the people of Grimsby . . . A centre to access information, to learn how to make your money go further, how to interact with the natural environment, how to grow your own food and how to access information that’ll assist in personal growth, your general well being and a more sustainable lifestyle.

This coming Christmas I implore you to make cards or presents for loved ones, if you’re creative side won’t allow that; then buy locally, invest in a local artist, friend or locally run business to provide a special something for that certain someone. it’s these small gestures that’ll keep Grimsby’s economy alive. It is us that make the decisions as to where we invest our money and time. invest well . . . . . buying locally. . . . . invests in the people you know, it puts money back into YOUR locality . . . buying at global organisations that exploit the local economy by having the ability to undercut the market is investing in a false economy (of which we are starting to feel the shock waves at the moment with the dramatic leap in people accessing food banks – employed and unemployed people accessing food banks – which has tripled in the last 12 months).

My Christmas message to one and all this year is this:

i hope that you are lucky enough to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest, because at this time of year when the fire needs to be on and the car has to be run, and the bills have to be paid, and the mortgage, and the taxes, and the cost of. . .  and the . . . when you sometimes stop and address the situation. . .  we do live the good life.  It might not seem like it at times, we may get stretched, pushed and pulled in all directions at times; BUT THINK WHAT YOU HAVE.

At this time of year my heart goes out to people less fortunate than myself. people who are hungry, people that are war torn, people that are on their own and isolated, people that are cold, people that live under the threat of eviction, and those who have aggression and violence in their home lives.

Christmas isn’t what Santa brings you . . . YOU are Santa (Sorry Kids) !

Make a difference this year. don’t believe the hype . . .  the world if full of GOOD people, you’ve just got to get out there and meet them.

only then will you see the true face of what Christmas is really all about.

Peace and Love to all