Health and Wellbeing

We are what we eat.  These wise words have always been true, but in today’s society where processed foods are more part of people’s diets it is so important that we encourage people to eat healthy fresh vegetables.

At Green Futures we grow fresh fruit and vegetables on our three and a half acre site and support food production throughout the North East Lincolnshire community.

When we eat fresh unprocessed foods, close to their whole, natural state, we benefit from all of the vitamins, minerals, and fibre that occur naturally in these foods.  Fresh foods enable your own bodies defence systems to work efficiently and when it comes to health; prevention is always better than cure.

Many studies have been conducted by universities worldwide into the benefits of eating vegetables.  Time after time the results show that if you want to be healthy then the majority of your diet should be made up of fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts and pulses.

Once you are eating health you then you need to act healthy by taking regular exercise.  The great thing about gardening is that not only do you  grow good food but you also do exercise while work in the garden.  It really is a win win scenario.

We consider the Vanson Centre to be a therapeutic environment.  Its location is  peaceful and close to nature.  The very act of working with plants and soil is a very calming activity.   Working the land reinvigorates our connection with the earth and as many people will testify,  it gives you benefits that are hard to explain.

At Green Futures we offer chance for peaceful lone working on the land or as part of large projects we encourage group working.  We bring people together working on community projects and our friendly team like to involve people in a social way; working as part of a team towards the collective goal of growing fresh produce and ‘Greening Grimsby’.